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Do you have someone you admire? A hero. Imagine what it would be like to be leader of a nation, build and live in an ark with animals for 40 days and nights or to be swallowed by a whale? These are the short rhyming stories of Joseph, Noah, and Jonah in the Old Testament and their amazing adventures as they did God’s will.


In Heroes of the Bible: The Stories of Joseph, Noah and Jonah, children will understand that the young as well as the old can do great things for God if they have trust, courage and faith. Through their stories, children will learn that God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things and they can become heroes too by following God’s plans for their lives.


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On a little farm in Smalltown County lived a little Chihuahua named Snuggles. Snuggles loved living on the farm with his pet parent, Mr. Dell and his farm animal friends. There was just one big problem Snuggles had. Although everyone liked Snuggles, Snuggles didn’t like himself. He always wanted to be somebody else.


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Maps are Amazing! introduces young readers to the wonderful world of maps through rhymes. Maps let children know about the world and they will discover there are more to maps than just taking them to where they want to go. Maps tell children about the world, directions and landmarks. Maps are Amazing! gives the freedom to explore and learn more about maps.


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I Am Me! is a delightful, fun-loving rhyming story that teaches children to love themselves no matter what. Even though the main character is a young African-American girl named Cheyenne, it encourages all children to be proud of their heritage. Cheyenne loves the way she looks, what she wears, and what she can do. She appreciates everything about herself and, thus, has a positive self-esteem. This is a story that will help children feel good about themselves.


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